The new pinnacle of the hypercar,
inspired by a beautiful past.

The most powerful
Italian sports car ever.

Where sumptuous luxury and sustainability are one.

In Battista, we are crafting an equilibrium of extremes never seen before. Exquisite form, unprecedented performance and pure electrified power combine to create a new paradigm in luxury.

This rare hypercar is a beautiful symbol of progress in a world that for nine decades has celebrated the tradition of innovation for which Pininfarina is famous.

Performance to stun in every sense.
  • 350 km/h TOP SPEED
  • 1.86 sec 0-100 km/h
  • 476 km Single charge range

The Presence of Power.

Design purity where form and function exist in beautiful harmony.

Battista is the very essence of Italian sports car design, with sensual curves that relate to the most celebrated cars of the ’60s. This was the moment in time when sensual design in cars accelerated, and Pininfarina was the undisputed leader of this movement. The body form of Battista speaks this Italian language, with the details developed in collaboration with each car’s owner adding unique personality.


Design innovation, exquisite styling and ultimate performance create a true Pininfarina.

This is the most authentic and exciting automotive story imaginable. The Battista ushers in a new dimension in hypercar design and performance, inspired by a legendary past.
It combines true innovation in its technical prowess and emotive form.

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The beauty of power and the power of beauty.

“I’ve never driven anything as powerful as the Battista.”

Nick Heidfeld
German professional racing driver

Step into a dream.

Inside Battista everything revolves around the driver, to grant him or her the purest driving experience.Screens are carefully positioned within the eyeline of the driver, presenting essential data and driver guidance whenever needed.

Meticulously crafted seats adorned with specialist materials perfectly complement an interior that represents the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship. Sustainably sourced, hand-stitched leather is available in a delightful range of colours to suit the most exacting tastes.

Personalisation in every detail.

The Exterior Jewellery Pack of the Battista is an important design element made out of aluminium, that can be customised into a bespoke painted or anodised variant.

From the front.

For an additional accent, it is possible to modify the visual appearance of the front nose, choosing the colour according to the main body or in contrast to give Battista a special front face character.

To the tail.

Thanks to the active aerodynamics, the rear wing underside can be personalised by painting it in a contrast colour. Also, the rear detailing screws can be modified with a great range of colours to underline the beautiful rear of the Battista.

A tech powerhouse.

Battista comes with a technologically advanced online infotainment system, including real-time navigation, music streaming and an advanced telemetry system.
The car is constantly connected to the internet thanks to an internal eSIM, granting high speed navigation in over 50 countries around the World.

Like attending a live opera, the powerful and crystalline sound of the speakers is provided by our best in class partner, NAIM.

Infusing twice the power of a Formula 1 racing car.

Breathtaking performance with zero emissions.

Battista sets a new performance benchmark in the world of hypercars. With a powerful 120kWh battery and four motors sending power to each individual wheel, Battista produces extreme performance and yet zero emissions. A feat that is simply impossible to achieve with internal combustion engine technology.

  • 2300 Nm torque
  • 1900 HP Power
  • 120 kwh Battery

The powertrain of Battista sits beneath its beautiful carbon fibre body, encased in a carbon fibre chassis which features double wishbone coil over suspension.

"Even if you've driven the quickest cars in the world, it will always put a smile on your face." - Nick Heidfeld

  • 1.86 seconds 0-100 km/h
  • 4.75 seconds 0-200 km/h

The Battista will shatter traditional performance targets set in the world of hypercars powered by a conventional internal combustion engine, yet its innovative EV powertrain provides up to a 476 kilometre range and a level of comfort and connectivity that will ensure the Battista experience is rewarding on road or on track.

  • 10.5 seconds 0-300 km/h
  • 25 minutes 20-80% state of charge

A truly yours driving experience.

Battista is programmed with five different drive modes, ranging from the ultra-precise racing set up for maximum lateral agility to deliver the thrills expected from an hypercar, to the extremely pleasurable driving set up of a GT giving the feeling of a 300-400 kgs lighter car at the steering wheel.
A constant along the whole spectrum of driving possibilities offered by Battista: the absolute safety granted by the 390 mm Brembo carbo-ceramic disks of the braking system.

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The name Battista is a homage to Battista “Pinin” Farina, founder of the famous Carrozzeria in 1930.
Il sogno
di Battista
Battista had a dream: to one day see a range of solely-Pininfarina branded cars on the road, a move which would see revered the Pininfarina badge adorn the front of its design masterpieces, rather than the side.
The story of Automobili Pininfarina is a story of relentless pursuit of more, the constant research of what comes next.
In this visionary story, where uncompromised beauty meets state of the art technics and engineering, the ultimate aim is not to evolve, but to transform the concept of luxury automotive.
2019 Birth of a beautiful dream At Geneva Motor Show, on March 2019, Automobili Pininfarina unveiled Battista and the world witnessed the future of the hypercar.
coming to life
Our brilliant Engineers and Design team colleagues present about their journey in building Battista, covering insights ranging from sustainable material treatments through to connected service creation and prototype testing.