The hypercar of the future, Now hyper-rare.

Graciously furious.

Celebrating 90 years of defining beauty.

Battista Anniversario represents the pinnacle of Pininfarina design heritage, its purest design principles presented in a contemporary form, and setting the scene for an innovative and beautiful future.

Bold, Balanced, Breathtaking.

We made a revolution in luxury, twice.

Battista Anniversario adds a portfolio of supreme and unique design features to the first Italian pure-electric hyper GT.

The wonders of the world are just five.

Only five out of a total 150 Battista hypercars will be produced in Anniversario specification.

  • 350 KM/H TOP SPEED
  • 1.86 sec 0-100 KM/H
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Celebrating history by making it.

With the creation of Battista Anniversario edition, we are paying homage to more than nine decades of unequalled car design history: the lesson of Battista “Pinin” Farina echoes in each and every detail of these five extremely exclusive cars. The Battista Anniversario ensures the 90th anniversary year of Pininfarina will be truly unforgettable

Shades of incredible.

Each Battista Anniversario is hand-painted in Cambiano through one of the most complex painting processes in the world: the car needs to be disassembled and reassembled three times before it obtains its final stunning livery.
The colour scheme is an homage to the Piedmont environment, where Battista “Pinin” Farina worked and lived: Bianco Setriere, Grigio Antonelliano, and of course the Pininfarina signature colour, the Iconica Blu.

The full circle of exlusiveness.

To complete the unique look of the Battista Anniversario, we created a new wheel design: the Impulso. These centre-lock forged aluminium wheels represents an upgrade not only in aesthetics but also in car performance, thanks to a 10-kilo weight reduction compared to Battista wheels. The rear pair has been enlarged from 20-inch to 21-inch to enable greater traction when driving in high performance environments

The beauty of physics.

Battista Anniversario features a set of aerodynamic enhancements: carbon fibre front splitter, side blades and rear diffuser work together to grant increased downforce and great stability at high cornering speeds, and more dynamic balance to the car in all conditions.
It is the Furiosa Package: improving our hypercar performances, without any compromises in terms of aesthetics.

Supreme materials, sublime craft.

The unique design of Battista Anniversario revolves around the driver: from the innovative technology in the cockpit to the seats finished in sustainably-crafted black leather and black Alcantara, with stitching in black and Iconica Blu. Each detail is the ultimate expression of our PURA design principles: absolute purity and beauty above all.

Breathtaking performance with zero emissions.

Battista sets a new performance benchmark in the world of hypercars. With a powerful 120kWh battery and four motors sending power to each individual wheel, Battista produces extreme performance and yet zero emissions. A feat that is simply impossible to achieve with internal combustion engine technology.

  • 2300 Nm torque
  • 1900 HP Power
  • 120 kwh Battery

The powertrain of Battista Anniversario sits beneath its beautiful carbon fibre body, encased in a carbon fibre chassis which features double wishbone coil over suspension.

"Even if you've driven the quickest cars in the world, it will always put a smile on your face." - Nick Heidfeld

  • 1.86 seconds 0-100 km/h
  • 4.75 seconds 0-200 km/h

The Battista Anniversario will shatter traditional performance targets set in the world of hypercars powered by a conventional internal combustion engine, yet its innovative EV powertrain provides up to a range of 476 kilometres and a level of comfort and connectivity that will ensure the Battista Anniversario experience is rewarding on road or on track.

  • 10.5 seconds 0-300 km/h
  • 25 minutes 20-80% state of charge

A truly yours driving experience.

Battista Anniversario is programmed with five different driving modes, ranging from the ultra-precise racing set up for maximum lateral agility to deliver the thrills expected from an hypercar, to the extremely pleasurable driving set up of a GT giving the feeling of a 300-400 kgs lighter car at the steering wheel.
A constant along the whole spectrum of driving possibilities offered by Battista Anniversario: the absolute safety granted by the 390 mm Brembo carbo-ceramic disks of the braking system.

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