The sunlit elegance of Automobili Pininfarina

Battista Gotham

Battista GothamBattista Gotham

Born from a collaboration between Automobili Pininfarina and Wayne Enterprises, motivated by cutting-edge technology with Gotham's elegance and marking 85 years of Batman.

Pininfarina Battista

A Symphony of Light.

Battista Gotham is a work of art that perfectly captures the refined persona of Bruce Wayne. With its elegant Argento Vittorio gloss paint and sophisticated interior, which embodies the essence of a city bathed by light, every drive is a beautiful experience.

Sculpted in Light


The Gotham Specification

Battista Gotham

Battista Gotham

Exceptional performance and exquisite design, shining bright in Gotham City's daylight.


  • Argento Vittorio gloss paint and Nero Torino gloss paint Goccia roof
  • 'F' badge in brushed and polished aluminum, anodized with a back light
  • Bespoke alloy Prezioso Evoluzione wheels finished with gloss black face and matt black channel rim, with brushed aluminum center lock ring anodized black and titan calipers
  • Bespoke Tailgate shark fins for enhanced aerodynamics
  • Bespoke front and rear louvers
  • Furiosa Pack
  • WE logo on the side skirts and roof


  • Bespoke new door and roof design: curved roof glass for enhanced interior natural lighting
  • WE branded HMI display with Bruce Wayne's loyal butler and assistant Alfred Pennyworth's voice integration
  • GT seats upholstered in Tan Leather with bespoke quilting in the center panels and Tan stitching. Seats with front exposed signature satin carbon fiber and Argento Vittorio gloss paint on the back
  • Bespoke black aluminum chassis and door plate inspired by Bruce Wayne

The most legendary and fearless expression of Automobili Pininfarina.

Gotham's my city. Like it or not, I'm already involved...

Batman/Daredevil (2000)

Super performance with zero emissions.

The Battista Gotham, with its four powerful electric motors and 120 kWh battery, demonstrates the pinnacle of hypercar performance, producing an incredible 1,900 horsepower. It defies conventional performance limitations by combining zero emissions with ground-breaking performance and agility, guaranteeing that performance and luxury are perfectly balanced for every drive - in the city and beyond.


Pure electric


Top speed


0-100 km/h



Battista Gotham