The concept car made real



The world’s first hyper Barchetta. Powered by pure-electric horsepower, shaped by the wind, and guaranteed to generate extraordinary driving experiences. There has never been a car like it. Take a closer look at B95.

Pininfarina Battista

The epitome of a classic race car meets futuristic design.

Small name, big thrills. B95. There's no way of understating it: B95 is the world's first pure electric 'open sky' Barchetta.

Created by Automobili Pininfarina's in-house family of design, engineering and manufacturing experts, B95 was conceived and developed in our home country of Italy. It harnesses artisan traditions forged in the birthplace of the exotic car blended with advanced technologies that demonstrate a forward-looking mindset.

Pininfarina BattistaPininfarina Battista

B95: the new masterpiece from Automobili Pininfarina.

‘B’ for Barchetta and ninety-five for the 95th anniversary of legendary design house Pininfarina SpA. Just ten B95s will be created in Cambiano and each will be individually crafted together with our designers as an expression of it's owners individual taste and personality.

Retro signatures and futuristic flourishes in sublime harmony.

B95 is a manifestation of PURA design; our philosophy that transforms the DNA of classic models from the company’s past into icons of the future.

An ‘open sky’ experience like no other.

With adjustable twin aero screens (a patented world-first) inspired by vintage aircraft, B95 delivers an ‘open sky’ experience like no other.

Offering almost 2,000 horsepower, a 0-60 mph time of less than 2 seconds and a top speed of more than 300 km/h the B95 promises driving and owning experience never seen before.


Pure electric


Top speed


0-60 mph

Additional features

Drive your dream. B95.

Drive your dream. B95.

Driving the B95 is an immersive experience like no other; a cross between driving a modern F1 car and piloting a vintage fighter plane. Close to the elements and yet completely protected, you will feel the embrace by the car.

Step into the domain of automotive desire.

Step into the domain of automotive desire.

Inside, the unique feeling is enhanced by extraordinary textures and materials. The dashboard is upholstered in Tan Sustainable Luxury Leather with bespoke embossing, contrasting with brushed black aluminium anodised finishes. The seats, also finished in Tan Sustainable Luxury Leather, are inspired by classic race cars and profiled to cosset the driver and passenger. Electro-welded Pininfarina logos and a Pied de Poule Houndstooth Luxury Textile feature on the headrests. Clients can order bespoke helmets in a finish to complement or match their curated specification.

Beautifully bespoke.

Beautifully bespoke.

Each B95 is unique, created according to owners' personal specifications. This launch edition demonstrates inspiring ideas, from the ‘95’ lettering to the metallic Bronzo Superga main body contrasting dramatically with the distinctive Giallo Arneis gloss front and drivers dome.

Breathtaking design from any perspective.

Breathtaking design from any perspective.

Bronzo Superga is a flawless finish created from a mix of gold metallic flakes to generate an incredible depth. In the day, the accents appear gold; at night it's bronze giving the impression of two different colours depending on the time of day.

The hypercar of unexpected, delightful contrasts.

The hypercar of unexpected, delightful contrasts.

Black Exposed Signature Carbon for a sculptural effect amplifies the contrast at the dramatic rear aero outlet.

Featuring a powertrain of unparalleled ability.

Featuring a powertrain of unparalleled ability.

As befits the world's first hyper Barchetta, the B95 is propelled by a state-of-the-art powertrain featuring a 120 kWh lithium-ion battery generating 1400 kW (1900 PS) peak power. Liquid cooled and nestled safely in a strong and lightweight carbon fibre housing.