Automobili Pininfarina Partners

Strategic Partner

Pininfarina SpA

An icon of Italian design, Pininfarina SpA has given life to some of the world’s most stunning automotive designs. Through our strategic alignment, Pininfarina SpA is working with our design team to combine its design philosophy and engineering heritage into the first-ever solely Pininfarina-branded car.

Strategic Technology Partner

Rimac Automobili

Today, as electrification is becoming a genuine powertrain option and a necessary engineering solution for the future, we have a unique technical partnership with Rimac to provide battery, drivetrain expertise and hardware for Battista.

Official Technical Partner

Naim Audio

Best-in-class in-car audio experience for Battista owners. Naim Audio, one of the top-notch audio systems manufacturers in the industry, partners with Automobili Pininfarina to provide future owners of Battista with the most advanced, pure and personalised audio experience in the luxury automotive industry.

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Official Brand Partner

Bovet 1822

The House of BOVET artfully combines the most sophisticated mechanisms with the highest craftsmanship, employing artisanal techniques such as hand-engraving, enamel work, and miniature painting, while at the same time using cutting-edge designs, colors, and materials. For nearly 200 years, the House of BOVET has handcrafted the finest timepieces, allowing collectors to experience what is the true pleasure of the luxury of time.

To further ensure this excellence, owner Mr. Pascal Raffy has limited the House’s annual manufacture of handcrafted timepieces, making all components in-house, respecting Swiss artisanal processes, and reinforcing its commitment to exclusivity and uniqueness.

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