Automobili Pininfarina X

Wayne Enterprises

In the shadow of Gotham City's skyline, the Wayne Enterprises 'Capsule Collection' emerges as a celebration of innovative technology and a sustainable future as we also mark Batman’s 85th anniversary.

Pininfarina Battista

Shadow and Silhouettes.

Bruce Wayne's sophisticated taste, shaped by his travels and cultural experiences, serves as the inspiration for this collection, offering a glimpse into a world where possibility and design intersect. The Battista Gotham, Battista Dark Knight, B95 Gotham, and B95 Dark Knight stand out as four vehicles that unite Bruce Wayne’s legendary philanthropy and sophistication with Automobili Pininfarina's engineering and Italian craftsmanship. Each model is a work of beauty in its own right, dazzling like art pieces in a finely curated collection.

Cloaked in mystery, the Battista Dark Knight moves seamlessly through the shadows of the city, hinting at midnight adventures. Conversely, the Battista Gotham perfectly replicates the luminescence of a sparkling skyline with its elegant lines echoing the radiant grace of the city's lifestyle.

The B95 Dark Knight, a roofless powerhouse, invites the mysteries of the night sky inside, blending them with the thrill of open-air driving. Similarly, the B95 Gotham captures the vibrant essence of daylight, offering an unfiltered connection with the elements. Together, these cars represent elegance, innovation, and the intrigue of the unknown, resembling moving sculptures rather than mere machinery.

Living the legend

Step into the world of Bruce Wayne, where action and sophistication coexist, crafting a lifestyle that mirrors the duality of Gotham City itself. Bruce Wayne effortlessly walks the tightrope between elegance and excitement, whether attending opulent galas or embarking on dangerous adventures.

Infused with the essence of his global travels and cultural immersion, Bruce Wayne's lifestyle embodies a fusion of refined taste and daring exploration. Whether cruising through the bustling streets of Gotham City or traversing the rugged terrain of remote landscapes, his pursuits are driven by a relentless quest for the remarkable and a thirst for discovery.

Every facet of Bruce Wayne's lifestyle reflects an endless quest for the exceptional. From his meticulously tailored suits to his adrenaline-fueled adventures, each moment is infused with a sense of purpose and intrigue.

In collaboration with Automobili Pininfarina, Bruce Wayne's vision extends beyond the confines of the ordinary, inspiring the future of luxury electric vehicles with innovation and iconic beauty. Together, the four unique specification vehicles forge a new era in automotive excellence, seamlessly blending performance and elegance to create an unparalleled driving experience, capable of embracing the infinite possibilities of the unknown.

The Wayne Enterprises Experience

Coming Soon - Summer 2024